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The negative role of SYRIZA In the Trade Union Movement of Greece

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Information Note from PAME

In view of the upcoming elections in Greece on the 25th of January 2015 we witness unfolding, from the media and other organizations, a campaign to support the party SYRIZA in Greece. This campaign has created a fake profile of SYRIZA as representative of the Left and the workers of Greece, which is borderline science fiction. Following this campaign, the Trade Unionist Network of Europe (TUNE) recently invited its members to sign a resolution of support to SYRIZA.

PAME, which represents the class trade union movement of Greece, and faces every day the forces of the employers and the Capital, with rich internationalist action, has a duty to inform the trade union forces on the political developments in Greece and the role of SYRIZA in the trade union movement of Greece.

What proves the role of any Organization, political or trade unionist, are its positions and the consistency of words and deeds. SYRIZA although as a political party is presented without any "governmental sins", but in an effort to gain the support of the Capitalists it adopts deeply reactionary positions. At the same time, already in practice, its little forces in the trade union movement and the unions that SYRIZA controls, have a dirty history of ties with the employers and of surrendering the wage and labor rights of the workers. Here we give you some specific examples.

The positions of SYRIZA and its role in the Trade Union Movement

In the European Trade Union Movement

The forces of SYRIZA in the trade unions are promoters of the ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation) which is the mechanism of the European Union and the Capital in the trade union movement and the European part of the ITUC. The forces of SYRIZA, participating in the ETUC and other international organizations, have not made any criticism to the support of the ETUC in the anti-labor reforms of the EU, its support for the imperialist interventions in Syria, Ukraine, Libya, for its positions against the just struggle of the Palestinian people. That is why it is not by chance that SYRIZA enjoys the support by European trade unionists and organizations, who in the recent years have lead the attack against the workers' rights in their country, such from CCOO in Spain.

In the trade union movement of Greece

The trade unions controlled by SYRIZA in Greece are protagonists in the cultivation of class collaboration, the subordination of workers to the demands of the employers. It is characteristic that the largest trade union controlled by SYRIZA (the Trade Union of Workers in Supermarkets of Athens) is the best known employer-controlled trade union. It operates under the control of the supermarkets' Managers so as to directly terrorize and subjugate the workers. It has made NOT EVEN ONE mobilization, did NOT publish ONE announcement, it has not done NEITHER ONE action.

In the branches that the forces of SYRIZA signed Collective Agreements, the workers suffered by the butchering of their wages. Example of such wage cuts were signed in:

  • Retail Employees, -6,7%
  • Greek Oil (ELPE) -10%, accompanied by increase of daily work hours
  • Super Market Employees, -12%
  • Workers in Electric Railway, -35%
  • Seamen, -15%

The opposition of SYRIZA to workers' struggles was expressed numerous times the last period. More typical are the statements made by the President of SYRIZA against the strikes of maritime workers, which he called "outrageous". At the same time, trade unionists of SYRIZA often act as strikebreaking mechanism, with many such examples in banks, hospitals, teachers, supermarkets and much more.

The pro-employers role of the forces of SYRIZA is also expressed through its open alliance in a number of unions, with the trade unionists of the social democratic PASOK and the neoconservative Nea Demokratia (which of course in view of the elections, SYRIZA now condemns, so as to take its position as Government). We mention only the following trade unions where there is open coalition of forces between SYRIZA, PASOK and ND, otherwise the list will not end.

  • Federation of Workers in Drug Industries
  • Federation of Workers in Food-Drink Industries
  • Federation of Workers of Water Supply Company DEYA
  • Federation of Workers in Insurance Companies OASE
  • Regional TU of Lakonia
  • Regional TU of Mesologi

In its attempt to block the class oriented trade union movement, SYRIZA's forces even cooperate with the Nazi-Fascist Golden Dawn (as is the case in the Trade Union of Municipality Employees of Perama, the Trade Union of Municipality Employees of Leivadia and more)

Some points about the stance of SYRIZA towards PAME

The forces of SYRIZA in the Trade Union movement are characterized by strong anti-communism, hatred against the class movement, against PAME. They attacked the foundation of PAME denouncing it as "divisive", "sectarian", "saboteur of the movement's unity" etc. because PAME opposed and revealed the relationship of the bureaucratic trade unionism with the employers. Another example is their attack against the initiatives of PAME for action. The recent national rally of PAME of November 1, which rallied 100,000 workers and was organized by 1,000 trade unions and social organizations, was fiercely attacked by the trade unionists of SYRIZA. Also characteristic is the attitude of the trade unionists of SYRIZA towards the 9-month heroic strike of the steelworkers, where they called the strikers to end the strike and adopt as demand for the government to supply cheap electricity to the industry-owner! A demand which SYRIZA, later, called in favour of all the industry-owners!

Because the TUNE declared their belief that a government of SYRIZA "will also represent green shoots of change for Europe", we are obliged to ask the militant trade unions to think whether the trade union movement should support the following positions of SYRIZA in their respective countries, as:

  • SYRIZA is in favour of Greece's membership to NATO and the European Union
  • SYRIZA has committed NOT to abolish the Memoranda and the antilabour laws they have imposed
  • SYRIZA has included in his candidates list prominent ex Ministers as well as yesterday's Members of the Parliament of the Socialdemocratic PASOK who have promoted and voted the anti-labour laws.
  • In the context of the so called Alliance of the South, SYRIZA expresses positive views for the anti workers governments of Rajoy in Spain, Renzi in Italy, Hollande in France. More characteristically, it was only on Monday, January 12th, that the president of SYRIZA stated that "Merkel has nothing to fear by a SYRIZA government".

Does the trade union movement in Spain, Italy, France believe that their governments are in favour of the workers? Does the trade union movement support the European Union, the NATO, the IMF?

On the developments in:

  • Ukraine-SYRIZA concealed the dirty role of the European Union in the coup d'etat overthrowing the elected government of Ukraine, which lead the country into Civil War
  • Syria-SYRIZA supported the USA plans to destabilize the region and called for "political and financial support to the forces of the opposition". A support that ended up in the hands of ISIS

Can the international trade union movement be a supporter of the imperialist interventions, the incitement of civil wars, and the destabilization of regions?

The position of PAME

The class trade union movement is separated by an abyss from the logic of class collaboration, the bureaucratic and employers' trade unionism. PAME rejects as a betrayal of the working class, the position that a government, which adopts as positions the competitiveness of the capital, participation in imperialist organizations such as NATO and the EU, can fulfill the modern needs of the working class. Workers all over the world suffer the capitalist crisis and its consequences, the attack on workers' rights and freedoms whether under social democratic or conservative governments.

The trade unions that rally with PAME, the class oriented trade union movement of Greece, in the elections of January 25 highlights the issue that whichever government will be elected, must be weak for not to be able to impose its anti workers program. The day after the elections must have weaker the argument that the European Union and Capitalism is the only way. Must have stronger the workers and peoples' opposition. PAME undertakes the duty, the day after the elections to be in the streets, in the factories, in the workplaces, to defend the rights of workers to fight for the fulfillment of their contemporary needs.

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