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Address in front of the Serbian delegation at the People’s Summit in support of Venezuela and Latin America, Brussels, June 10, 2015. (Meeting of social movements ALBA)

Napisala Prof. Ljiljana Bogoeva Sedlar
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Address in front of the Serbian delegation at the People’s Summit in support of Venezuela and Latin America, Brussels, June 10, 2015. (Meeting of social movements ALBA)

Prof.  Ljiljana Bogoeva SedlarI have been given the great honor to bring greetings to the people of Venezuela from the freedom loving people of Serbia. I am deliberately putting emphasis on the fact that the greetings come from those who love freedom, because today, in Serbia, as in other parts of the world, people are not allowed to love freedom. They are forced to submit to various types of slavery, imposed on them through military interventions and occupations of their countries, exploitive debts, and many subtle but equally dangerous forms of cultural colonization and domination.

That slavery should be (mis)represented as freedom is not the only important goal of thought-controllers and perception-managers who work for Big Brother. Orwell’s other two predictions have also become true: ignorance imposed on the masses (generated through “reforms” of education and the mendacity of the media) has become the greatest source of strength for the masters, and perpetual wars, waged allegedly in order to bring peace, no protest organized by the people has been able to stop, thus far.

Everything I have said is especially relevant today, when CELAC are talking to the EU, and when exchange of knowledge and academic cooperation is also on the agenda. “DO NOT BECOME LIKE THEM”, is the advice of your own great Uruguayan writer, Eduardo Galeano. This warning is present not only in his 1992 collection SER COMO ELLOS, in which he describes, with great intelligence and humor, what being like them would require and mean, but in all his other writings, including the book Hugo Chavez gave to Obama, OPEN VEINS OF LATIN AMERICA.

Brussel 2015Galeano’s warning should be headed. Many of those who in the fifteenth century colonized and enslaved, several centuries later sat around the table at the Wannsee conference. They were among the best educated Europeans, holders of PhDs from leading European Universities. Many of those who, in the name of the people, today claim to be concerned about the preservation of the environment, have made sure, throughout history, that their own loans were always green, while devastating the environments of the people they exploited at home and abroad, in the ghettoes, favelas and barrios they created. Those who frequently give friendly advice that wars are very good for the economy, cannot be expected to properly and openly identify war as one of the greatest ecological disasters.

We salute the freedom loving people of Venezuela, and support them, in the hope that they will never betray their revolutions, never lose their love for Pacha Mama, never forget their native ecological and egalitarian cultural and social traditions, never give in to the idea of progress that is being globalized by force or fraud, although it is obviously based on greed and profit solely. The more we Serbs are pressured into making unthinkable moral compromises (such as to join NATO that in 1999 illegally bombed us with depleted uranium, and then do unto others what NATO has done to us), the more we are forced to forget our own revolutionary tradition, deny our antifascist resistance and denounce our leaders who fought for independence from empires and peaceful coexistence at home and abroad, the more we feel that the struggles of Venezuela and other freedom loving countries of South America are our own! Yugoslavia, to which we not such a long time ago belonged, was the founding member of the Nonaligned Movement. It was destroyed for daring NOT to be like the colonial powers of Europe who continued to see other continents as their slaves and property. Latin America is on the rise today. Give the world a chance to benefit from the various marvelous traditions of your amazing continent. We, too, want to be who we really are, keep alive our own ethical and cultural traditions and refuse to be “like them”. That is the reason why we love you, salute you, and in your struggle to be free support you!

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