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International Department

Press Office Statement 

No to the Imperialist Aggression against Libya

Expressing its profound disquiet concerning the most recent events in Libya, the PCPcalls  for a peaceful and political solution to the conflict, without foreign interference.Faced with a dangerous ans serious escalation of acts which , instead of contributingto lower the tension, seek to prepare acts of aggression by the USA and NATO againstLibya, the PCP expresses its staunchest opposition  to any foreign military interventionin that country and demands that the Portuguese Government take a clear stance ofrejection, namely in the UN Security Council, of any plans or acts of interference,aggression or occupation of Libya.Any aggression against that country – regardless of the pretexts and

“mandates” -would have serious consequences for a people that is already living in a situation ofprofound tension and insecurity; it would be deeply harmful for all those who, in Libya,are fighting for their rights, for democracy, sovereignty  and peace, and would addserious factors of instability and conflict in the region.Any military aggression by the USA and its allies – which is inseparable from its aimsof controlling the Libyan natural resources  - would not just target the Libyan people,but also all peoples of the region who have risen up and are struggling for their socialand political rights, for  freedom, democracy and the real sovereignty andindependence of their countries.

Portuguese Communist Party