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Gobiemo Bolivariano de Venezuela                                                                                  

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The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela informs the Venezuelan people and other fraternal peoples about the recovery state of President Hugo Chavez, who, as it is publicly known, underwent a surgical operation that lasted 6 hours on Tuesday, December 11.

After the complex and delicate surgical operation, the patient is going through an also complex postoperative recovery process. We trust the physical and spiritual strength of Commander Hugo Chavez and the medical treatment.

Right now, medical reports indicate that the patient is in stable conditions.

The Bolivarian Government invites the Venezuelan people and other fraternal peoples to be with President Chavez in this new testing time with their prayers and solidarity, which sure make him stronger every day.

President Chavez is accompanied by his closest relatives, who, in Havana, thank the countless expressions of solidarity and affection that have been shown from all around the world, especially the love of our people coming from every corner of Venezuela.

Caracas, December 12. 2012

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jun 22, 2018
Iz našeg ugla - KPS Neo Marx

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maj 05, 2018
Iz našeg ugla - KPS Neo Marx

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Srpska napredna stranka nije normalna politička organizacija.Od kako je stvorena napravljena je u stilu akcionarskog društva za trgovinu nacionalnim i državnim interesima. Na tim temeljima Vučić je napravio kriminalnu mrežu, kojom je prekrio celu Srbiju. U…


mar 18, 2018 985
Šteta je trošiti reči na beogradske ili bilo kakve „izbore“ u okupiranoj zemlji kao što…

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nov 29, 2017 1145
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nov 27, 2017 1678
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