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Information for the communist and workers’ parties of the world

Information Service of the Communist Party of Serbia


Today Serbia is a martyr`s country which is deprived of its own identity, its own territory, history, its moral vertical on which it has been built; of its own economic prosperity, because it is the will of the domestic scum that rules Serbia and of their Western masters, as well, and all this in the name of one big media-propaganda-economic illusion called the European Union. Only idiots that are leaders in Serbia and the fake opposition, as well, push Serbia into the EU, the inevitable end of which can easily be foreseen.

Serbian cleptomaniacs that rule Serbia and their assistants, the fake opposition, have the task to ease the illicit state of Kosovo of its labour pains on the grounds of every-day concessions. The horror, being evidenced by the existence of the Albanian lobby within Serbia, can in no way be justified. Various moral creeps advocating the recognition of the mafia and robber-like state of Kosovo should be prosecuted on the basis of high treason and instead of that, they are even allowed to get more and more aggressive in their intention of making Serbia recognize that “monster state”. They all would be brought to justice if only they were not just the same ones uttering what the Serbian cleptomaniac leaders have in mind. They are all harnessed in the direction of destroying Serbia as a state and of turning the citizens of Serbia into the slaves of the Western moguls.

With no exaggeration can we say that Serbia has undergone the downfall and that the creators of the economic policy has led the country to the edge of the precipice. The leadership, appointed by the Western plutocracy, is in fact the blind executor of its will. The worst form of ruling a country is just being imposed upon Serbia, and that form is a colonial system of the cleptocratic type. In that way the economic progress of Serbia has been made impossible. The former Yugoslavia was broken up because of the needs of the Western moguls for the creation of new colonial and vassal states upon the ruins of one serious state as Yugoslavia used to be. It was intended that Serbia become a colony occupied inside and outside. Serbian moguls, that is, their stupidity, ignorance and their evil intentions, managed to turn Serbia into an occupied country outside and also inside, with the aid of the installed marionette-like Serbian governments that work in the interests of their Western masters and against the interest of their own people and country. Without the help from the inside, the West could never manage to destroy Serbia. Not only is the coalition of parties in power, but a great majority of the parties in opposition, as well, under the complete control of the West; therefore, it is absolutely all the same which one of them, in the name of the West, rules Serbia. The outcome is always the same: the complete disintegration of the country, destruction of the economy, and of the citizens of Serbia, likewise.

The parallel action of the West is also the breaking up of the family, of the educational system, of the army, and the destruction of the social, educational and developmental functions of the state.

A society of selfish, morally degenerated individuals, deprived of national identity, is being forced. All the perversions coming from the West are being represented as “the ultimate” accomplishments of the democracy in service of the protection of “human rights”.

Via media, the idiotic motto named “top fun”, that is, “shopping”, is continuously being presented to us as the only sense and aim of the life of degenerated individuals.

Patriotism as a term is being wiped out of the minds of the Serbian citizens and is being replaced by the term “europeanization”. As if love for Serbia were something reactionary, retrograde, and love for the EU something absolutely with no alternative. In this way all the idiocy and ignorance of the representatives of the Serbian authorities are displayed, and they seem not to realize that the Serbian people are no less worthy that the other European nations. There are few nations in Europe that have epic and lyric poetry such as the Serbian nation does, in which all the moral values on which the spiritual being of the Serbs rests were represented. Of course, with the aim of “europeanization” of new generations, every moral vertical which characterizes and bonds generations and generations of the Serbian people throughout centuries, is being wiped out of the school-textbooks. As if nothing else had existed before the EU.

Serbia is today, at the end of 2011., highly debt-ridden, robbed, unemployed and starved country.

The country`s crazy, frantic running into debt is being carried on. We won`t bother you with too many numerical data, we will only show, with a few numerical facts, where Serbia stands now.

At this very moment Serbia, without Kosovo and Metohy, has 7,120,666 citizens, which is for 377,335 less as against the census from 2002., and for 456,171 less as against the census from 1991., despite the fact that almost 2 million Serbs have been banished from their hearths in the former Yugoslavian republics and in Kosovo and Metohy, and those banished people inhabited the territory of Serbia. Keeping all this in mind, we come to the conclusion that the Serbs, as a nation, are being disappeared with a great speed.

At the end of September, 2011., the provisional debt of Serbia amounted to 41 milliard euros:

  • 6 milliard euros.
  • 20 milliard euros.
  • 15 milliard euros
  • In total-41 milliard euros.

The total external debt amounted to 23,84 milliard euros in November, 2011. Let us not forget that the Serbian debt amounted to 7,2 milliard dollars, that is, 5,8 milliard euros in 1991.

At the end of 2011., the industrial production amounted to about a half of the industrial production in 1989. So much of the time at which today`s power-holders in Serbia spit. We shall not even mention the fact of the personal safety of each individual back then, and of which we may only fantasize today.

Serbia is today one of the most underdeveloped countries in Europe, with the highest percentage of the debt per person; with one of the highest rates of unemployment (around 30%); with the lowest wages in Europe ( around 350 euros in average-the statistical average); the most frequent salary being around 250 euros; and with the lowest Gross National Product which in act does not even amount up to full 20 milliard euros as it used to in 2010.

Over 800,000 people in Serbia are unemployed, and another 400,000 don`t get regularly paid for their work. Only in corruption is Serbia at the top of the world scale. It`s so much corrupt that nobody normal wants to do business with the Serbian leaders.

It is deemed that nearly 60% of the Serbian citizens live on or under the poverty limit, and that percentage is about to increase in 2012., because redundancies of about 200,000 people are being announced.

The entitlement to political organizing and speaking out is seriously jeopardized and almost completely made impossible. To register a political party in Serbia, one needs to collect 10.000 signatures and under the really rigorous circumstances one may verify those same signatures at the authorized institution, along with the added paying of fine. Considering the price of the materials, technical means and the amount of fine, provided that the collecting of the signatures be done on a voluntary basis, one comes to the figure of 20-30.000 euros only for providing all the necessary signatures. We point out that for the same registration in the EU countries, for example in Greece, it is necessary to collect 28 signatures only, and in the most rigorous country, Slovenia, only 300 signatures. Onwards, in order to participate in the elections, it is necessary for the parties to pay the previously mentioned sum in advance, therefore, the entitlement to political organizing is being made impossible for the citizens in Serbia who act as self-reliant associations, by way of high fines and taxes; and the same political organizing is being made possible for the obedient servants of the Western capital for whom these figures are funny, because they snatch it and they will keep snatching it from the citizens of Serbia.

The media space of Serbia is in even more catastrophic and restricted state. The censorship has reached the level of the nazi-type, considering the fact that the media are in the hands of the gross Western capital. The news is being broadcast in a standard manner and it is being announced according to the dictation of the central media services. Any deviation from that is undesirable and unattainable, and the broadcasting of the news of the opposite political views is the shortest way of getting the status of an unemployed journalist.

Globally viewed, Serbia is a country which is on the road leading to the nazi-like totalitarian dictatorship in which the state of civil rights, human freedoms, rights to life, to education, to medical care and to work, as well as rights to political organizing drastically worsen from day to day, threatening to destroy this nation. All that was achieved through the contra-revolution from 1991. to 2000. is in absolute contradiction to the stable and rich society of the former state of Yugoslavia.

Can anything be altered in Serbia? Of course it can. It is enough just to recall the teachings of Carl Marx in order to comprehend in what direction we should go.

Carl Marx, no doubt, built the foundation for the creation of the revolutionary socialist thought; and yet, too often, the focus has been on the political segment of his work; thus forgetting his brilliant economic analysis of the capitalist system. In order to survive and recover from the crisis that hit it just prior to the end of 20th century, the Western capitalism put an imperative in front of itself to submit new markets, to expand its impact which, in numerous cases, was carried out “by fire and sword”. Millions of people have been led to distress by the bloody interventions of  Nato-pact.

The condition for the survival of the Western capitalism was the programmed demolition of socialism, if possible, the dividing up of those states and the creating of the quisling regimes upon the ruins of these countries, so that the new markets could be obtained, and of which there were none within the frame of the existing capitalism. That “recovery” of the Western capitalism was based on a cruel repression over more and more people in the former socialist countries and in the Third countries, as well. When, in the end, capitalism reigns all those markets ( that is, when it becomes global), it will lack the space for a further expansion and from that moment on the final collapse of its will have followed.

Today we may ascertain that capitalism has reached its peak; almost the entire world has adjusted to the exclusively capitalist mode of production, including nominally socialist China. Carl Marx wrote down 150 years ago that capitalism, if it wants to sustain itself, must enter every single corner of this planet.

We shall not wait much longer in order to be able to cognize to what extent Carl Marx was right.

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