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1. June Revolution, correcting the course of January Revolution

The Revolution of June 30, 2013 is the more profound and mature second wave to correct the path of the revolution of January 25 2011; and to offset the greatest danger suffered by Egypt in its recent history, namely the risk of cultural apostasy, separation from time and threatening the unity of homeland. This danger was posed by forces of fascist religious right, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, the forces representing the most parasitic, tyrannical, corrupt, fascist, racist and reactionary segments of large capital; in addition also to the a serious threat to Egyptian national security, represented in takeover by Muslim Brotherhood to governing the country, starting the implementation of the empowerment and control scheme on state joints to plunder the wealth of the country, conspiracy to hijack the revolution and the nation for the benefit of a scheme led by the United States and implemented under the auspices of Qatar and Turkey, in order to break up the national territory and threaten entity and unity of the Egyptian state, by dumping it in the abyss sectarian rivalry and religious conflict to turn into two models of Iraq and Syria, in order to ensure full security for Israel and protect the interests of the United States and global imperialism in the region, through dismantling of Arab countries and destruction of national armies that cast a potential threat to Israel.

The Deal-Plot which was made to abort the January 25 revolution was based on enthronement of the Muslim Brotherhood as rulers of the largest Arab country and empowering them politically in the region in exchange for manipulating them to serve American-Zionist schemes and their integration into capitalist globalization policies and the continuing neoliberal approach associated with world monopolies. Muslim Brotherhood has been ready for this, as it was they who secured the unprecedented Armistice Agreement between Hamas and Israel. They kept silent on Obama's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel and fell dumb about Zionist violations of Al-Aqsa Mosque after they deceived the masses with their slogans "Khyber Khyber O Jews," and "To Jerusalem we go Millions of Martyrs." The most dangerous is what has been exposed of their willingness to compromise the national territory and conspiring with Israel and the United States to implement the Zionist project to the nation swing through resettlement of Palestinians in Sinai, as well as agreeing to grant Halayib and Shalateen to Sudan, and abandonment of national sovereignty in the suspicious project of Suez Canal region, accelerate the agreement with the International Monetary Fund and promulgate The (Islamic) Bond Law.

One of the objectives of imperialist projects of in the Middle East is the establishment of states on religious grounds, to serve mainly Zionist plan to declare Israel a Jewish state for all Jews in the world. This is in addition to the important results entailing these religious countries inevitably caught up in sectarian conflict. So, it became strategically required to divide and fragment the Arab countries and bring the Sunni-Shiite conflict, Muslim-Christian conflict and Muslim-Jewish conflict to replace Arab-Israeli national liberation conflict and also replace the social class struggle among the peoples of Arab countries and authoritarian regimes allied with imperialist global and international monopolies.

We have seen clear and visible signs in Egypt after the rule of Muslim Brotherhood in a series of attacks on churches as well as the attack on St. Mark's Cathedral for the first time in history since the introduction of Islam into Egypt, also the brutal attack on the Shiites in the village of "Abu Nomros", killing and dragging four of them in a precedent first of its kind; and Declaration of Jihad in the stadium, calling for the supply of mercenary terrorists to the war in Syria, as well as proliferation of groups of "Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice", and the emergence of types of lynch and suspension of bodies on light poles. If we add to this the continuing series of torture in sit-ins in Rabea and Nahda at the hands of militias, the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies, we find ourselves in front an outlawed barbaric savage scenario without the right to differ. The aim so became that we terminate ourselves by ourselves, and that our punishment goes to our bodies not to the real enemies.

Thus we were destined to get to this miserable fate, but awareness, vigilance and greatness of the Egyptian people saved Egypt and spoiled all these plots. So, the genius Tamarrod campaign was able to mobilize all tributaries of popular rejection of the rule of Muslim Brotherhood through a campaign of signatures exceeding 22 million people signing in less than two months. These were collected by all sects, classes and categories of the Egyptian people, even within state institutions and bodies in all governorates of Egypt. This was followed by the great exit of the Egyptian people on June 30, with more than 30 million citizens rallying in all governorates of Egypt. The Egyptian armed forces siding with the people's will, adopted the people's demands and announced the roadmap to drop the Brotherhood regime and their allies of forces of religious right. This put the United States and the European Union in a real crisis. This was the first time the Egyptian armed forces run that contrary to American will since more than 40 years. It was also the first time that the Egyptian people of all sects and political forces and institutions unite to correct the revolution path and begin to develop a civilian and democratic constitution for the country to exit from dependency and groveling.

Perhaps this is what explains the hectic movement and shuttle flights of Ashton and Barnes and other officials to Egypt, in a way considered a blatant interference in its internal affairs through the practice of constant pressure to release the deposed president who is accused in cases of foreign contacts affecting the state's national security. This was also in order not to dissolve the armed sit-ins and terrorist outposts in Rabea and Nahda with the aim of ensuring continuation of Muslim Brotherhood in Egyptian political life, maintaining the organization and continuing religious extremist right-wing parties to continue the plot of deconstruction, fragmentation and extortion of the new Egyptian leadership, trying to confuse and disrupt the map of future to abort the June 30 revolution.

We regard the Egyptian people's revolution on June 30 as correcting the path of the January 25 revolution and an extension of all phases of the national democratic revolution that began with the Orabi Revolution in 1881 and continued through the 1919 revolution and the revolution in 1952...

The June 30 revolution came to accomplish the historical tasks of this unfinished revolution which are overdue, especially after the wave of overall reactionary apostasy that swept Egypt and the region since the mid-seventies and lasted for more than 30 years and what happened during it of collapse of the Arab liberation movement as well as the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of current religious fascist religious rightist trend under authoritarian regimes perched on the breath of our peoples for decades.

The contradiction in Egypt now is not just a contradiction between the forces of political opposition and a despotic reactionary group that came to power and failed governance of the country, but rather the contrast is reflected deeper among the majority of the masses of the Egyptian people and their national and democratic political forces on the one hand and the forces of the fascist religious right led by Muslim Brotherhood which represent the greatest threat to the future of the nation and the revolution on the other.

Therefore, the January revolution and its second wave in June is seeking to complete the national independence from all forms of dependency and complying with US and imperialist countries. This would not be achieved without economic, social and cultural comprehensive development basically self-reliant. On the other hand it is a democratic revolution establishing a democratic civil state on the basis of a Constitution protecting freedoms and political economic, social and cultural rights of citizens and ensuring popular control and participation as well as freedom to form political parties, trade unions and associations with an emphasis on the separating religion from politics and prohibition of religious parties. This revolution, most importantly, has its social aspect which is based on redistribution income and wealth in the society in the interest of the majority of the toiling masses, protecting the rights of the poor and vulnerable groups in the society and enabling workers and peasants to form their trade unions to ensure the revolution continuation in achieving its goals and move them to a higher stage in the path of social revolution for the benefit of the working classes.

Our analysis of the nature of contradiction in present moment and the nature of the basic tasks of June 30 Revolution as an important decisive stage of the stages of national democratic revolution moves us to the need to put a correct political map of alliances in the current stage. We see the need for continued alliance of all national democratic forces to face the danger of religious fascism and therefore the need to maintain the National Salvation Front and its core of political parties and trends (liberal, national and leftist), responding to attempts to solve or weaken this front on the pretext of ending its mission, which will be realized only after success in eliminating the risk of fascist forces, with continued emphasis on the fact that alliance of socialist and progressive forces and the unity of their struggle is the guarantee for the continuation of this wide front and stopping the hesitance of all forces that do not want to confront the rule of Muslim Brotherhood. Again the unity of youth revolutionary movements and co-ordinations and avoiding escalation of any internal contradictions among them is a very important issue to ensure a correct compass during the transition period with the need to involve young people effectively in judgment institutions to be trained to take over basic responsibilities in the next phase.

We must evaluate what happened on June 30 objectively and correctly, rejecting any tendentious positions aiming at distorting the historic achievement of the Egyptian people of forces of counter-revolution represented by Muslim Brotherhood and their allies from the forces of fascist religious right at home and their allies abroad of imperialist countries in the United States and Europe. These are the ones that hastened to describe what happened as a "military coup"... If this is normal from enemies of the revolution and it is understandable when put by many forces and movements that hold the stick from the middle to achieve their own narrow interests and selfish objectives. Yet it is curious that they share the same view with some forces that claim revolutionary leftist based on categories of rigid historical dogmas, reserved molds and fixed clichés which they reiterate on the military, the military rule and military coups without analyzing the concrete reality and verification of real-life facts and actual practices on the ground, which emphasizes that what happened was a popular revolution with which the Egyptian army sided. We should also analyze the historical attitudes of the Egyptian army instead of arbitrary application of rigid texts on the ground. In some moments we should learn from the lessons and experiences provided by our Egyptian people by their sound nature and revolutionary sense. Most dangerous is that this wrong position distorts attention from the main enemy of the popular masses at the present moment, which is the risk of the fascist religious right and their terrorist schemes in Sinai and deployment of supporters in desperate serious attempts to attack the revolution of the Egyptian people and circumvent their will to overthrow the rule of Muslim Brotherhood and correct the course of the revolution and put a new constitution and take urgent social procedures.

On the other hand we also have to stand firmly in the face of symbols of Mubarak regime supporters and their media organs who want to write off the January revolution out of history and distort it in order to justify the sins of Mubarak regime and evade their responsibility thereof and load Brotherhood with all cons of the previous stage. We assure had it not been for the January 2011 revolution, the people would not have succeeded in June 30 Revolution and would not be able to reveal the crimes of the obscurantist power trading in religion. Therefore, we reiterate our emphasis that June 30 revolution is the second deeper and more mature wave of the January 25 revolution. It is a correction of its track. Toppling the rule of Muslim Brotherhood does not mean never to return to the practices and crimes of Mubarak regime. The revolution of June 30 shall complete what the January 25 revolution failed to accomplish and struggle to sweep all disadvantages of Mubarak regime and that of Muslim Brotherhood. It is a confirmation that we want to drop the core of these regimes and demolish the foundations upon which they were established and building a new system to achieve the goals and aspirations of our people and what it requires of radical change in policies, practices and institutions to lay the foundations for new situations based on enlightened liberation national culture freeing the people from all aspects of impoverishment, exploitation, backwardness, ignorance and extremism and ending discrimination on the basis of religion, gender or ethnicity.

2. Our Position of the Transitional Phase and its Entitlements

We believe that the transitional phase and the Declaration of a map of the future, despite our reservations on some aspects as well as on the key points in the recent constitutional declaration, but we emphasize that it lays the foundation for a new era and is based on the revolutionary legitimacy of millions of revolution of the Egyptian people on June 30. If you are the legitimate main objective revolutionary overthrow the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies, and at the same time working to build a new system completed to achieve the national democratic objectives of January Revolution.

Accordingly, we must not lose sight of the fact that the struggle for terminating the Brotherhood regime and remnants of Mubarak regime is the main task of this revolutionary legitimacy besides the quest for formation of an alternative regime and concrete actions to install and expand the social basis of the revolution. It must be understood also that the government, which was formed on the basis of this revolutionary legitimacy must loyal first to the demands of the popular will that took to the streets on June 30 and 26 July and its primary role is to use all the means to implement this will and offset any obstacles before its achievement. Our opinion is that the policies of transitional government are still far from the spirit of this revolutionary legitimacy. It still has that traditional slow rhythm as if it came in normal conditions. This is reflected also in clear positions of indecisiveness and inaction in the face of the forces of terror and extremism. Some senior officials in the institutions of the transitional authority speak about national reconciliation and the need to integrate Muslim Brotherhood in the political process without distinguishing between murderer terrorist cadres and leaders of Muslim Brotherhood and their normal fans, in a manner incompatible with the revolutionary legitimacy and contradicting the will of the people. We emphasize the need to correct these situations quickly because to continue in this situation, hesitation and slowdown would lead to erosion and weakening of revolution and give chance to its opponents and enemies to gradually regain their balance. This would not be permitted by the Egyptian people and their revolutionary youth political forces which must remain present in the fields and squares of revolution monitoring the government performance to guarantee the execution of their revolutionary will. On the other hand, there must be a strong clear expression from the transitional authority for the independence of Egyptian decision and respect for national sovereignty being free from dependency on America and starting to diversify arm sources and go to other world conglomerates in order to bring balance in our international relations in a way helping protect our revolution in the next phase.

We must continue strictly in the face of terrorism and resolving armed sit-ins in Rabea and Nahda, because the delay in facing these terrorist outposts' results shall have much larger losses than the rapid resolving in the framework of the law. We agree with the forces demanding dissolving Muslim Brotherhood as an legitimate group, and the need to confront terrorism, religious extremism and obscurantist thought and policies of discrimination against women and Copts comprehensively from the security, political, cultural and media aspects and within each of the state institutions, so as to ensure success in building a modern democratic civil state and build a national democratic regime to achieve the goals and aspirations of the Egyptian people.

The decision to eradicate these terrorist outposts so-called "sit-ins" requires the people's surrounding the new power, which was assured clearly initially in the twenty-sixth of July. Yet, this will not be final and conclusive unless this authority shows decisiveness and clarity in the implementation of law on the ground, significant assertiveness in maintaining security and regularity of services, and alleviating the suffering of the toilers of the Egyptian people in the form of concrete fair action directly: such as sanctioning the law of minimum and maximum wage, and the maximum not to exceed 15 times the minimum, strict control on prices, exempting small and medium farmers of their accumulated debts, reinstating temporary employment, restoration and operation of companies owned by the public sector, with judicial verdicts issued for their return .. etc. of the possible actions to ensure that the vast majority of the Egyptian people feel that the revolution they have made was for their favor so they give it back more support.

We emphasize the necessity to rewrite the Constitution completely without grafting, revision or amendment. Foremost among this comes the tasks of the transitional phase. The Brotherhood-Salafi Constitution of 2012 is distorted, sectarian and against personal and public freedoms, freedom of thought and expression, the rights of women and children and the rights of workers, peasants and laborers. In the new constitution must Article II of the 1971 Constitution must return. It stipulates that the principles of Islamic Sharia are the main source of legislation without any increase or addition. Also must be stipulated the need not to form parties on a religious basis, and the cancellation of all existing parties not meeting these conditions as well as emphasizing separation of religion from politics. It also has to be in a clear and explicit text to keep the public and cooperative ownership being protected by the necessary constitutional stipulations. The people's right to choose the path of their economic and social development must be respected and no stipulation to the perpetuation of the capitalist system or any other system in the Constitution. We see the need for stipulating effective means of popular control over the institutions of the executive authority and activating the role of popular participation, ensuring that the laws do not transgress over constitutional rights and freedoms. Finally, the economic and social rights of the citizens must be emphasized clearly and be binding to the State and in particular the right to health, education, employment, housing and protection of the rights of workers and peasants, as producers of wealth and goods throughout the country.

3. Uniting the efforts of the forces of the left

All of these challenges, actions and events required for the next stage, especially the transition period necessitate effective presence and unified efforts of the Egyptian leftist forces in the face of fascist right-wing forces, as well as in the face of capitalist rightists in general. The parties and forces of the left will have no ability to influence and affect without unity and cohesion. We emphasize the need to accelerate the pace of unity and the forma a unified leadership of the socialist parties as the first necessary and urgent step required in the current circumstances. Any delay in the formation of this leadership will have serious consequences not only for the future of leftist forces, but also on the future of the Egyptian revolution.

The Egyptian Communist Party

Long live the Great Egyptian People's Revolution

Long Live both Revolutions: January 25 and June 30!

August 3, 2013                                  The Central Committee - the Egyptian Communist Party

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