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zastavaKPS-L-animSyria is more than two years, under the ruthless and savage terrorist attack gangs financed and assisted by a dozen imperialist countries and their satellites.

Their goal is to destroy the Syrian state, which stands as an obstacle in the way of those who are trying to impose a plan of the "Great Middle East " , to break the country in the region and replace them with small entities that will fight against each other , to impose the absolute domination of the oil and gas resources , to eliminate the Palestinian problem in a way contrary to the interests of the Palestinian people .

These countries manipulate the faults and shortcomings of the current regime on the one hand, and pit them against the opposition, rival movements on the other. These movements are peaceful at first, later converted to militant armed formations which receive wide support from the United States and its satellites, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Turkey has occupied border crossings to Syria by militarily, to helping to smuggle weapons, and throwing thousands of mercenaries who call themselves jihadists, who are trained in camps under the supervision of American trainers. Billions of U.S. petro dollars have been spent for this purpose. Most perfidious forms of psychological warfare are used by dozens of television stations to bring a spiritual strife and ethnic conflict started between members of the same nation, and later with the massive participation of the so-called Jihadist groups. They were very early turned destroy Syria and declared economic war against Syrian people, using the advantages of the imposed economic sanctions and embargoes imposed by the major imperialist powers. Military actions were launched against the people and against private property. They were also using car bombs and booby traps to kill civilians.

Plants for the production of electricity are blown, damaged electrical distribution networks, oil wells were destroyed and tankers were set on fire. Thousands of tons of car wheels were stolen and smuggled into Turkey. About a thousand of factories and workshops in Aleppo were dismantled and robbed. Machines belonging to these factories

were sold in Turkey as accessories at the lowest possible prices, they also attacked and damaged a large irrigation projects, as well as centres for livestock, local and regional roads are closed throughout Syria, health centres, schools and universities also targets of terrorist attacks. Scientists, doctors and officers are also targets, frequently kidnapped and killed. Thousands of soldiers and civilians have been kidnapped. They found that armed gangs massacred. The bodies of the victims were thrown into the river. And it is not a crime? It should not be sanctioned by the international community?

Some victims were slaughtered. Some of the bodies were mutilated and disfigured. These types of crimes belong to the middle Ages. And all the time, “humane and civilized " West is silent. Some time ago, a series of crimes was conducted using car bombs, particularly in Aleppo, where 85 students , the University of Aleppo, were killed and hundreds injured. And it is not a crime? It should not be sanctioned by the international community?

Turkey has openly admitted to supplying terrorists and criminals, all weapons and equipment as well as complementary in manpower coming from 29 countries. These actions are in violation of international law which forbids any country to use its territory to attack its neighbours. We know that Turkey alone could never do such things without the American, European, and support the Gulf. Syria bravely resisting aggression and inflicts heavy losses on these gangs. So, criminals and terrorists are not able to achieve all their goals. But Syrians are paying a heavy price during the resistance.

Syria believes that the solution to the problem can only be military, but, since the inception of the conflict calls for a peaceful and political solution through a comprehensive national dialogue. Meanwhile, aggressive alliance imposes conditions for national dialogue in a way that makes it impossible for a political solution.

The Syrian government took the initiative and stressed the need for democratic reforms, a new constitution, and the new reforms to be implemented by all political parties, including the opposition. The newly formed alliance of Syrians had to be the one who should insist and implement, to cease all military actions Syrian army on one side, and the cessation of activity and insertion of mercenaries in Syria, on the other hand. Unfortunately, the initiative was immediately rejected by the armed terrorist groups and those who support them and demand that violence and terrorism continue.

This was followed by a sudden Israeli aggression against Syria scientific research centre near the border of Syria and Lebanon. This act of aggression has helped in understanding the true essence of Israel and its attempts to manipulate the current events in Syria to weaken the Syrian army and open up new fronts. And it is not a crime? It should not be sanctioned by the international community?

Military depot in Homs was targeted, most likely, by a tactical nuclear shell. Contamination that is caused this way will for years kill people in those areas. And finally, when armed gangs used poison gas, their patrons and the media attributed to the Syrian army. And it is not a crime? It should not be sanctioned by the international community?

 Of course, everything is again attributed to the regular army and the gangs and terrorists amnesty and declared humanitarian mission. What a cynicism. The reason for military intervention is thus created, similar to the years before the staged Markale, Racak, Saddam's chemical weapons, Libyan “dictatorship" and so on, and so on . The scenario is almost always the same.

So far, the Syrian people paid a very high price; tens of thousands of innocent civilians were killed. Today, Syria is exposed to the humanitarian catastrophe.

About three million Syrian citizens left their homes and become internally displaced refugees in neighbouring countries living in incredibly difficult conditions, which require food and medicines. These refugees appeal to international public opinion to put pressure on the U.S. government, the EU, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to stop the siege and economic sanctions on Syria. Such sanctions joined the puppet government of Serbia. In addition, they require the support of the armed gangs to stop immediately because endangers not only Syria, but also the whole world.

Serbian Communist Movement expresses its solidarity with the people of Syria in their struggle to safeguard national sovereignty and independence and condemns all forms of oppression in international relations and interference in the internal problems of any country. We also urge all the communist parties of the world, to stand up and support our friends in Syria, to raise their voice against such inhuman and inhumane aggression, strongly encourage BASS socialist party that fights against the greatest evil of mankind, state terrorism against the United States and its subcaudals flies. Keep your hands off Syria! End the war and destruction! Tomorrow it’s your country’s turn!

Commrades workers, communists, honourable citizens, your solidarity and support to the people of Syria will mean a lot. Be active in the support, be persistent, and be consistent. Serbia went through all of this, and we know and understand why this is happening. We no longer can lie and to talk about the noble goals of military aggression and occupation. We know that behind this sheer looting of material goods and natural resources of the world's greatest thief. Our and your support will be another proof of the unity and solidarity of progressive and revolutionary forces throughout the world.

Secretariat of the Communist Movement of Serbia

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