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The Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party) strongly condemns the U.S. imperialist plan to attack the Syrian Arab Republic, with the collaboration of NATO and the despotic Gulf monarchies, on the pretext of the alleged use of the “sarin” chemical weapon by the Syrian government on the East Ghouta suburb of Damascus last August 21.
Setting aside the usual disinformation dished out by the mercenary “Al-Qaeda” forces in Syria which are supported by Barack Obama, all evidence point to the fact that sarin was used by these mercenary forces in both the March 19 rocket attack on Khan Al-Assad near Aleppo, and the August 21 rocket attack on East Ghouta. At the end of last May, the Turkish media even reported that members of the “Al-Nusra Front”, an Al-Qaeda-affiliated mercenary group being used by the CIA for its regime change agenda in Syria, had been arrested in Turkey with a quantity of sarin in their possession. Syrian government forces have also seized in Jobar, Syria, a mercenary-maintained arsenal of nerve gas weapons manufactured in Saudi Arabia.
The use of chemical weapons by the mercenaries is for the purpose of blaming the same on the government, with Obama having imperiously set a “red line” threatening direct military attack in case Syrian government forces would use chemical weapons against Syrians, or would supply the same to the Hezbollah forces which are confronting the continued zionist threat against Lebanon. The recent use of chemical weapons in Syria is a classic “false flag” operation of US imperialism, with serious provocations undertaken by imperialist agents or mercenaries to “justify” imperialist military intervention.
We have known these “false flag” operations of US imperialism in the history of our own country. The sinking of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor in 1898 was a US imperialist handiwork, done with the aim of wresting Cuba and the Philippines from the waning Spanish empire. The February 1899 start of the Filipino-American War was provoked by US forces, in order to push the US Congress into deciding to colonize the Philippines. Terrorist activities in the past 2 decades, of Mindanao islamist groups covertly
supported by the USA, have even been used to “justify” the presence of US “anti-terrorist” forces in Mindanao.
In our region, a mythical “North Korean aggression” was used to justify the US launching of the Korean War (which featured the US use of chemical weapons). The mythical “Tonkin Gulf attack” was used to justify the US launching of a war of aggression against Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia (which war is best remembered for the US use of napalm, Agent Orange and other chemical weapons).   
Obama’s haste in sending 5 cruise-missile-armed US destroyers to the Mediterranean Sea near Syria, and in beefing up “Patriot” missile batteries in Turkey, before UN inspectors in Syria can report on the truth which will shred the canard of Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons against its own people, is reminiscent of Dubya Bush’s hasty actions before his criminal lies (about alleged Afghan complicity in 9/11, and about alleged Iraqi and Libyan “Weapons of Mass Destruction”) could be exposed.
Significantly, the British parliament already shot down the attempt of David Cameron to secure agreement for UK military intervention in Syria, with serious doubts being raised on the chemical weapons propaganda against the Syrian government. Truly, it is preposterous to assume that the Syrian government had used a chemical weapon against its own supporters in the suburbs of Damascus, at the time when a UN inspection team had just arrived in Damascus to investigate the Syrian government’s charge that the pro-imperialist mercenaries have used chemical weapons in the March 19 rocket attack on the pro-government inhabitants of Khan Al-Assad near Aleppo. Obama’s mercenary forces have been suffering a series of defeats at the hands of Syrian government forces in the past 4 months, and there is no reason for the Syrian government to take any action which would give Obama an excuse to enter the war.
What is clear is that it is Nobel “peace” laureate Obama who is itching for an excuse to attack Syria --- the only socialist-oriented Arab country which is the bulwark of anti-imperialism and anti-zionism in the region --- just to give his Al-Qaeda mercenaries in Syria some breathing space. However, a US attack on Syria, a country which poses no threat to the USA, would not be a walk in the park for the USA, given Syria’s resolve and capacity to retaliate. Such an attack would draw many other countries into the fray, and could escalate into a regional or even a global conflagration.
Fearing the destructive prospect of being drawn into such a war, the reactionary Hashemite monarchy in Jordan and the military regime in Egypt, both of which have served as US lackeys in the imperialist proxy war against Syria, have opted out of Obama’s version of a “coalition of the willing”. Already, 200 members of the US Congress have called on Obama to refer his plan to the US Congress, giving Obama the last chance to back off without appearing to have chickened out.
Given the present tense situation in and around Syria, the PKP-1930 calls upon the Filipino people to express solidarity with the Syrian people in their struggle against US aggression. The PKP-1930 calls upon the Philippine government to oppose any U.S. military intervention against Syria, and to support the call for a political solution of the conflict in Syria. The Philippine government should always remember that hundreds of thousands of Filipino workers in the Middle East are at risk in case of any regional war being provoked by a U.S. and/or zionist attack on Syria.
At the same time, the PKP-1930 calls upon all countries which are true friends of Syria, to urgently help provide Syria with the wherewithal to rebuff any U.S. or zionist attack, and to defend its independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
  Secretariat, PKP-1930
  August  31, 2013
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