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In pursuits of strengthening Imperialism ,the American Imperialism ,having adopted the Neo-cons policies ,grabbing and exploiting the natural resources and markets of the under developed countries of the world .
For this purpose ,to gain the support on its berserk policies ,it is sharply cheating the people in the developed world ,by presenting a so called enemy like Soviet Union .  In the past the threat  from Soviet Union  used, where now the so called uncivilized Muslims danger is shown ,and they  continuously irritate them , by attacking their beliefs fundamentals .
This way ,the anti imperialist and class oriented struggles of the people are distracted towards religious obscurantist bigotry . The religious political fanatic forces ,being stooges of the US imperialism ,capitalizes on such issues through extremism and thus creating greater comforts to the exploiters .
This was stated by Comrade Imdad Qazi ,the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Pakistan ,in his press statement of the PB’s meeting .  He further stressed ,that religious harmony among the people is highly important for the class struggle to triumph .
In fact ,worldwide agitations in the backdrop of the blasphemous film is a natural phenomenon . CPP denounce it . But the Pakistani Muslim polity should be aware of the imperialist intrigues ,also .
Comrade Qazi ,also strongly condemned the extremist forces ,who murdered ,plundered and damaged the properties and lives of their own brethrens .
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Millennium, has participated to the international conference held from September 4 to 6 at the Federal University of Paraíba, in the city of João Pessoa (Brazil).

The conference, focused especially on the foundations of the theory of geopolitics, on the relationship between it and the philosophical field, on the need for multipolar global order and on the development of the "fourth political theory", was attended by the founder and president of Millennium, Orazio Maria Gnerre, alongside the philosopher and theorist Alexander Dugin, the professor of the University of Sao Paulo, André Martin, the scholar and essayist Mateus Azevedo, and the expert in geopolitics Edu Silvestre de Albuquerque.

The topic covered by Orazio Maria Gnerre was "The sacral conception of the spaces": from the symbolic and archetypal interpretation of geography to the highest geopolitical categories.

The meeting brought to light the convergence of objectives of Millennium, of the Eurasianism and of the South American Meridionalism in promoting the transition to a multipolar global order and the creation of a fourth political theory, adapted to the historical context and capable of a radical reformulation of the same.

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cubaeleccOpšti izbori na Kubi počeće formiranjem skupština u 169 opština. Nakon toga, počinju izbori delegata 15 provincija i poslanika Parlamenta.

Državni Savet Kube zakazao je opšte izbore za oktobar tekuće godine, kako bi se izabrali predstavnici na lokalnom i državnom nivou.

Prema zvaničnom dokumentu koji je objavio kubanski dnevni list Granma, Državni Savet je odlučio da se se izbori održe 21. oktobra 2012. Drugi krug izbora je zakazan za 28.oktobar, u slučaju da nijedan od kandidata ne osvoji više od 50% glasova.

Prema tekstu, raspisivanje izbora je uskladu sa Ustavom Kube i zakonom  br. 79 o Izborima, od 29.oktobra 1992.  
Proces će početi izborima za formiranje 169 lokalnih skupština, dok će nakon toga biti izabrani predstavnici 15 provincijskih skupština i poslanici Narodne Skupštine.

Skupština je najviši državni organ i njeni predstavnici biraju članove Državnog saveta, koji je trenutno čini 27 članova.

Predstavnici lokalnih vlasti (opština i provincija), kao i poslanici u Skupštini biće izabrani na pet godina, dok će tačan datum biti objavljen naknadno, piše dnevnik.

Prvi kandidati za predstavnike na lokalnom nivou Narodne vlasti počeli su da proširuju listu od nekoliko hiljada Kubanaca i Kubanki koji će izaći na izbore zakazane za 21. oktobar 2012.

3.septembar bio je prvi dan procesa imenovanja kandidata, kada je u svakoj opštini održano jedan probni projekat, broj koji će rasti u nedeljama koje dolaze, do 29. kada će se realizovati 51 hiljada zasedanja skupština.

Ambasada Kube u Srbiji

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Support of KPS !

Dear friends,

First of all our greetings from the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP),

We are now also involved in the struggle to defend the right of the Venezuela´s people to have fair and transparent elections, without the intervention from the government of the United States of America. For this reason we are inviting you to visit the web site www.convenezuelabolivariana.org and join us to support their rights. There you will find a declaration in spanish, english and french so we would very much appreciate you to promote among our friends this declaration and the web site itself.  
Thanks once again in advance for counting on your support.  
In solidarity, 

María Aleida Del Riego
Europe Division
Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples

 (Direct link to sign of support)

Our solidarity with Bolivarian Venezuela

chaveznodElections will take place in Venezuela next October 7. That day will decide the fate of a revolution which has taken most of the people in that country out of the marginalization and state of neglect in which they lived, and at the same time has made decisive contributions to Latin American and Caribbean integration and to the process of transformation in this area.

Throughout these years, and particularly, during the present electoral campaign, the United States has put into practice in Venezuela the most diverse forms of interference, whether in an open way or through allegedly autonomous entities. At the same time the media, at the service of the internal reaction and imperialist interests, has worked non-stop to damage the image of the Bolivarian revolution and, in particular, the image of its leader, President Hugo Chavez Frias. He has been accused of being antidemocratic, without taking into account that during his administration he has submitted to referendums thirteen times. They have even resorted to some despicable acts associated to his health. Now, they are trying to minimize the legitimacy of the National Electoral Council, to create an atmosphere of distrust around the elections and its results and to set the basis for possible future actions of destabilization.

Aware of the importance of this historic moment for Venezuela, Latin America, the Caribbean and the world, we declare our solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution and its president, we demand respect for the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people and we call intellectuals, artists and social activists to support this initiative.      -->

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Imajući u vidu zajedničke stavove dva politička pokreta u vezi sa neophodnošću reorganizacije globalnog geopolitičkog poretka na multipolarnoj osnovi, suprotstavljanjem padanja balkanskog sektora pod uticaj NATO-a, odbacivanjem kulturnog i političkog imperijalizma koji je nametnut od strane SAD-a, podrškom državama koje nisu usklađene sa unipolarnim sistemom, a koje su mete spoljne destabilizacije, Millennium i Komunistička Partija Srbije uspostavljaju odnos razumevanja i saradnje.

Srpski i italijanski radnici i intelektualci napreduju zajedno ka novoj socijalističkoj perspektivi ekonomskog, socijalnog i kulturnog poretka.

 logo - kps                                                 milenium


Sekretarijat Milenijuma

Sekretarijat Komunističke Partije Srbije

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Central Committee
Mukti Bhaban, 2 Comrade Moni Singh Road, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Phone : +8802-9558612, 7172845
Mobile: +8801711828772, Fax : 880-2-9552333
E-mail:Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je videli., Website: www.cpb.org.bd 


Date: 1August 2012

The Central Committee
Communist Party of Serbia

Subject: Invitation to the 10th Congress of CPB (11-13 October 2012)

Dear Comrades,

          We have the pleasure to inform you that our party is going to hold its 10th Congress on 11-13 October, 2012 in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh.

          The Congress is going to be held at a time when high rate of inflation, unemployment, curtailment of trade union and democratic rights have increased the sufferings of the toiling masses and when the imperialist penetration in our economy and state structure is seriously threatening the sovereignty of our country. The people being frustrated by the two major bourgeois political parties, who are alternately ruling the country since 1990, are looking for an alternative. Communist Party of Bangladesh that had adopted the strategy of revolutionary democratic change with a socialist perspective is now trying to build a left democratic alternative. At the same time the party has to fight the religious communal fundamentalist forces, which has become a serious threat to secularism and a modern democratic state.

          The 10th Congress of the party will discuss all these problems and decide the tactical line of the party for the coming days.


With revolutionary greetings

Comradely yours 
(Mujahidul Islam Selim)
General Secretary 
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The province, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, is confronting an unprecedented magnitude of religious fanatic doom. Presently, attacks against the security institutions and public officials have  a bit mitigated ,but targeted killings of the progressive, democratic political workers, literary persons ,intellectuals and artists has greatly intensified .

The audacious targeted killing of Ms Ghazala Javaid, a popular Pashtoo singer, and of Ms Farida Afridi, a human rights, democracy campaigner and women education motivator, at broad day light in the provincial capital Peshawar, are the grievous examples of this devastating situation in the province, in particular and across the country in general .

The Communist Party of Pakistan strongly condemns this coward heinous killing of these two innocent women, and expresses heartfelt solidarity and offers condolences with the bereaved families, friends and comrades of the deceased. CPP is also deeply concerned over the blasting of the educational institutions and schools buildings by the religious extremist forces.  According to a recently conducted survey, only during the previous month of June, over 100 schools have been attacked and ruined. As usually, in the past, predominantly girls schools were targeted, but now they equally target boys schools also.

The Communist Party of Pakistan, demands the government of Pakistan to insure the protection of lives, properties and democratic rights of its all citizens, and award harsh punishment to the foes of progress, democracy, peace and contemporary education and take immediate appropriate measures to uproot this anathema of religious obscurantism and extremism.

Issued: International Department


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